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How To Launch Your Online Coaching Business Selling Digital Products & Courses - Zero Experience Necessary

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Why sell coaching products?

Coaching is the most valuable type of training you can offer because no other service provides the same personalized one-on-one help. What this means is that if you have an expertise or passion, you’ve been presented with a unique opportunity to build a business coaching others with your knowledge.

The great news is that coaching can literally be done in any niche. From fitness to personal development to music - you name it - coaching is a viable business model for anything you can think of.

The bad news is that most coaches take the far riskier route of spending most of their time training people offline. They end up overworking themselves and hustling to make ends meet.

But there’s a better way: by joining the Knowledge Commerce revolution.

Coaching online allows you to maximize the number of clients you can support, dramatically increase your revenue, and still work on your own time… from literally anywhere.

The key to selling coaching programs online is to have an all-in-one system that allows you to centralize your daily work and communications, from email, calendar, forms, and even the process of getting paid for your services.

How to create your coaching product

The first step in creating your coaching product is identifying a common issue you could solve for your potential customer through your coaching. For example, if your customer is struggling with weight loss, your coaching program could be a series of scheduled calls and a personalized action plan to losing weight in a certain amount of days. After that, you would work with your client on a plan to get to that desired end goal, and implement it throughout however many days or weeks.

Coaching business model

As said earlier, coaching is inherently the most valuable of digital products. With that said, the price for coaching can differ depending on the niche, how involved and how long the coaching goes on for, the type of client, and much more. For example, corporate coaches can easily charge thousands of dollars per month. The good news is that even if you only take a few clients on at a time, you’ll still be bringing in a large income.Th

What you need to avoid doing is not charging enough for your time. Coaching is the most expensive type of training because you are formulating individual plans and services to meet the client’s needs, and they’re paying you for your time.

One way to get offer further help to your clients and also gain extra monetization is to bundle your coaching with online courses. You can use your general knowledge to easily put together an online course that all of your customers would benefit from, and you could attach it as a bundle with your coaching service for extra enticement. You could also offer it as an upsell (a sale offered right after someone buys your product) and he best part is that upsells are a feature inside Kajabi you can turn on with just a click.

Even with just a few courses and coaching products, there are plenty of Knowledge Commerce entrepreneurs who are making six-figure or more incomes!

How to market your coaching products

Finding your ideal customer for your coaching is central to building your brand as an online coach. Think about your customer avatar: Are you looking to coach people looking to lead healthier lives and lose weight? Or coaching small businesses on leadership or growth? Or maybe you’re coaching high performance athletes. The point is, you’ll have a much easier time marketing your coaching by getting specific with your audience.

You could even get more granular and look specifically at what your target audience’s pain points are. For example, if your audience are busy parents, you could brand your coaching service as something that is flexible and filled with material they can look at on their own time..

How to find clients

After you figure out and narrow down your ideal customer, you’ll want to find out where they hang out online so you can start raising awareness of your services.

For example, if you know that your audience spends a majority of their online time on Facebook, you’ll want to start a page or group. Many coaches have grown their brand using Facebook ads because they allow you to specifically target your ideal customer, right down to their demographics and interests.

If someone visits your website but they don’t take you up on your coaching right away, you can use Facebook pixel or Adwords pixel to retarget them back to your site. You should also focus on building an email list because they are vital to the health of every online business. With Kajabi, you get access to easy-to-use email capture tools you can use to build your list.

Inside the Business Starter Kit

The Business Starter Kit is designed to help you get your online business up and running fast, by providing you with a working business model specific to your niche. That means you’ll have a branded website and customized pages ready to go out of the box! Each Starter Kit also comes with access to Kajabi, our bestselling platform that empowers anyone to run an online business teaching their expertise. Everything you need to launch your own business is here… you just need to focus on your content.

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