Front End Developer

Irvine, CA

The Kajabi Front End Developer role is an essential part of the Member Services team. Kajabi's Member Services handles everything our clients need get their digital business off the ground.

The Kajabi Front End Developer role is an essential part of the Member Services team. Kajabi's Member Services handles everything our clients need get their digital business off the ground.

What You'll Be Doing

You will be working with the Liquid templating language to develop theme customization as well as full custom request themes for select Kajabi customers. You’ll be the primary front end developer in our member services department, working alongside representatives collecting requirements for customization from our users. You will also have the responsibility of providing maintenance of the created themes, and keeping them properly version controlled. You should be able to work at a fast pace, be organized, and comfortable communicating directly with customers about requirements for work to be done.


  • HTML
  • Liquid template language
  • git and GitHub experience for version control
  • Use of CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap
  • Javascript and jQuery
  • Basic knowledge of node and npm for asset build pipelines. Ruby a plus.
  • Mobile responsive markup and styling
  • Experience integrating analytics tracking systems via snippets (Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, etc)
  • Experience with other Liquid theme systems (Shopify, Big Cartel, etc) a plus

Kajabi Hero Process

The #KajabiHero process is key to Kajabi’s ability to showcase successful users and expand its marketing initiative. We are always looking for ways to encourage existing customers to take the steps to becoming a hero and also potential customers to start their journey on becoming a hero. This is a core value of Kajabi and should always be kept in the forefront when communicating with our current or potential “heroes”.

Kajabi Office Process

The Kajabi Team is an ever growing and changing group of the most awesome and talented people on the planet, the Front End Developer will be integral in fostering the same sense of community and excitement within the office as we strive for with our users.

Time Off, Working From Home, and Educational Allowances

All time off needs to be requested in Gusto as far in advance as possible . While we always understand that emergencies and illnesses do crop up unexpectedly, given the importance of the Front End Developer role in daily operations we ask for as much notice as possible for any time out of the office. Remember: sick is sick. If you’re unwell, we don’t expect you to work. It’s your responsibility to take care of yourself and get better!

Vacation time is given without limitation to every employee, provided this awesome and generous benefit isn’t abused by anyone. Work from home opportunities may happen from time to time and need to be pre-approved by the Member Services Manager.

Educational opportunities will be offered for the Front End Developer at the discretion of the Member Services, and could include participating in a mentorship program, training to further specific career goals, books or digital content to supplement education, and attendance at conferences areas of interest and impact for Kajabi’s overall goals and Front End Developer’s desired career goals.

One-On-One Process

Front End Developer will meet Regularly with the Member Services Manager to catch up and discuss their role. The goal of these meetings is to identify areas where Front End Developer can improve, what areas they’re needing more guidance on, and where the Kajabi leadership team can lend time or resources to help meet career goals. It’s also a time to discuss specific expectations and discuss any areas of concern you may have about your job or your team.


  • Competitive Salary
  • HSA Contribution
  • Gym Membership
  • Free Headspace/Audible Account
  • Free Training Resources
  • Flexible Vacation Policy
  • 401k Option
  • Fully-Paid Health Benefits
  • Fully-Stocked Kitchen
  • Nitro Cold Brew On Tap
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“Kajabi is an extremely unique and rewarding place where I’m given the freedom and responsibility to do the best work of my life!”

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