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iOS Lead Developer

Irvine, CA

The iOS Lead Developer (iOSLD) will play a vital role in launching Kajabi into the native mobile application space.

The iOSLD holds firmly to the belief that communication must be a thoughtful, intentional exercise in design thinking. Working with the Chief Technical Officer (CTO), the iOSLD will help establish and implement mobile applications for Kajabi Knowledge Commerce customer portals, as well as the Kajabi admin portal, features. The iOSLD’s area of responsibilities are as follows:


  • Collaborate with Kajabi Design and UX experts in planning native iOS mobile application experiences
  • Coordinate with web application team in packaging data from our web applications into native format, as well as accessing and authorization content via API
  • Focus on coding content based applications with a heavy emphasis on mobile video consumption
  • Maintain and develop program for packaging and shipping white label customer applications for the AppStore
  • Maintenance of bugs and updates as needed for the continuing operation of mobile applications
  • Work closely with the development team in our preferred toolset and practices (git, GitHub, Trello, Slack, and Google Apps; test driven development, peer reviewed code, agile development practices)


  • Establish the first practice of native application development at Kajabi.
  • Put into place best practices for expansion of our development from web application development into mobile.
  • Function as a primary source and participate in interviews of future candidates for mobile development at Kajabi.
  • Mentor and train existing or future employees in the practice of mobile development
  • Communicate effectively with leadership and other team members


The #KajabiHero process is key to Kajabi’s ability to showcase successful users and expand its marketing initiative. We are always looking for ways to encourage existing customers to take the steps to becoming a hero and also potential customers to start their journey on becoming a hero. This is a core value of Kajabi and should always be kept in the forefront when communicating with our current or potential “heroes”.


The Kajabi Team is an ever growing and changing group of the most awesome and talented people on the planet, the iOSLD will be integral in fostering the same sense of community and excitement within the office as we strive for with our users.

Time Off, Working From Home, and Educational Allowances

All time off and work from home requests need to be submitted in Gusto. While we always understand that emergencies and illnesses do crop up unexpectedly, given the importance of the iOSLD role in daily operations we ask for as much notice as possible (2 weeks is ideal) for any time out of the office. Remember: sick is sick. If you’re unwell, we don’t expect you to work. It’s your responsibility to take care of yourself and get better!

Vacation time is given without limitation to every employee, provided this awesome and generous benefit isn’t abused by anyone.

Educational opportunities will be offered for the iOSLD at the discretion of the CTO, and could include participating in a mentorship program, training to further specific career goals, books or digital content to supplement education, and attendance at conferences areas of interest and impact for Kajabi’s overall goals and iOSLD’s desired career goals..

One-On-One Process

The iOSLD will meet weekly with the CTO to catch up and discuss their role. The goal of these meetings is to identify areas where iOSLD can improve, what areas they’re needing more guidance on, and where the Kajabi leadership team can lend time or resources to help meet the iOSLD’s goals. It’s also a time to discuss specific expectations and discuss any areas of concerns about the iOSLD’s job or team.


  • Competitive Salary
  • HSA Contribution
  • Gym Membership
  • Free Headspace/Audible Account
  • Free Training Resources
  • Flexible Vacation Policy
  • 401k Option
  • Fully-Paid Health Benefits
  • Fully-Stocked Kitchen
  • Nitro Cold Brew On Tap
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“Kajabi is an extremely unique and rewarding place where I’m given the freedom and responsibility to do the best work of my life!”


“I not only get work with people that are extremely passionate about the product and seeing their customers succeed, but who also wish to build each other up as professional individuals.”


“Kajabi nurtures an environment of greatness where everyday, we work with an incredible team to make a positive impact on people's lives.”


“Everybody I get to work with at Kajabi inspires me to want to learn more, work harder, and become an even better person.”